Family Day Care Unveiled

A week in the life of Family Day Care

Family Day Care is a warm, loving and nurturing environment. The children’s days are filled with some of the best play and learning experiences offered within early education and care.  We unveil just how much fun and learning goes on at the service of one of our Family Day Care Educators, Renata in Sylvania.

The weather turned on a scorcher to start the week, and all good Educators know that water play is a life saver on hot days. 

Renata prepared for the children’s arrival by setting up a large tub of cool water ready for sailing boats the children would make that day. The children used natural materials to make their own ‘upcycled’ boats, and enjoyed learning about the properties of floating and sinking.


A sharp change in the weather during the week took the children outdoors for a nature scavenger hunt. Combining children’s curiosity and their love of nature and the outdoors, they looked for and located everything from bugs and butterflies to spider webs and sand.


The nature theme continued with activities including threading leaves (early maths concepts) and indoor camping adventures. The children also enjoyed opportunities to work on their gross motor skills with some outdoor fun including climbing and balancing. 


Our Educators encourage families to contribute to the children’s play and learning curriculum.  One family brought in a favourite book and activity - 'Mr Frosty’ was read, and the children enjoyed creating him and watching him ‘melt’.


Daily programs 

Daily programs encompass learning through play, with many engaging activities and experiences including:

  • creative arts and craft
  • language
  • music
  • culture
  • cooking
  • community
  • sustainability and nature
  • maths and science
  • outdoor free play
  • group time
  • story time
  • games 
  • sensory experiences
  • social and emotional skills development
  • a range of incursions and excursions

Council’s Family Day Care and Early Education Centre Educators exchange learning and play-based ideas on a daily basis. We have an entire knowledge bank of some of the best experiences for children ever seen within the early education and care sector.

Skill development

Children are provided with ongoing opportunities to develop and build their skills in a range of areas:

  • language
  • social
  • emotional
  • physical
  • creative
  • cognitive development

Educators monitor children individually and tailor programs to continue their learning and skill building across all areas.

Strong Connections

Families and children develop incredible connections with their Educator, who nurtures belonging and respect for each child. One family recently described the relief of dropping off their young daughter in the morning and watching her run into the arms of her Educator for a hug. The parent described their daughter’s relationship with the other children in care as like brothers and sisters.

Being with one Educator creates a highly stable environment, promoting confidence and security in children - two fundamentally important factors.  It’s a level of personalised service unique to the Family Day Care environment.


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