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Family Day Care offers babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers a loving, fun, safe and educational small group environment.

Our 27 highly qualified and carefully selected Family Day Care Educators work from their own homes, providing an outstanding level of care and education to up to four children under school age.

The children develop a close connection with their Educator and strong friendships with other children also in care.

Our team provides very warm and nurturing environments, maintains close connections and communication with families, and prepares their daily program specifically for the needs and milestones of each child.

More than 200 children enjoy the benefits of our Family Day Care service.

Families tell us they value consistency - they arrive at care and are greeted by one Educator who knows their child well.

Families receive detailed information about their child's day - the activities they engaged in, their learning areas of focus and how their child is building their strengths. It's a level of personalised service unique to Family Day Care.

Family Feedback

We check in with families in our service on a regular basis. Here is a sample of the feedback they share with us:

"Our only regret is we did not discover our daughter's Family Day Care Educator sooner. She genuinely loves the children she cares for and takes great effort to teach them so many things."

"Our Educator is brilliant - thorough, loving, educational, engaging and talented."

"Our Educator is amazing and always goes the extra mile, opening up our son's world in ways we couldn’t hope to achieve ourselves."

"The Educator always goes above and beyond for my child. She has a beautiful nature with the children and is so kind and caring. I fully trust her with my son. She organises amazing educational and fun activities for the children."

 "My daughter loves going to Family Day Care, it is the highlight of her week. We have loved seeing her grow and develop through the different weekly experiences she has."

Tailored Programs

Family Day Care’s small group environment ensures every child receives a tailored educational program to meet their developmental needs and milestones.

Daily education encompasses both academic and life skills education. It is embedded in a holistic program encompassing language and literacy; mathematics and engineering; science and technology; arts and crafts; sustainability education; music and dance; gross and fine motor skill development; cultural experiences; sensory experiences; free creative play and community excursions.

Academic skills include, among other skills, literacy and numeracy concepts and experiences. On a daily basis, this learning includes:

  • recognition of numbers, letters, shapes and colours (early numeracy and literacy skills)
  • vocabulary expansion
  • story time, songs and rhymes (including music appreciation)
  • developing pencil grip and fine motor skills
  • writing, drawing, cutting, folding, pasting and painting, including the regular use of pencils, scissors, crayons and textas
  • experimenting and hypothesising (early science)
  • developing and increasing attention span.

Life skills focus on the following aspects of social and emotional skills, including:

  • emotional resilience (self regulating emotions, expressing emotions appropriately)
  • self help skills (caring for possessions and helping children to be independent)
  • conflict resolution skills
  • learning to share and take turns
  • cooperating and collaborating with others
  • learning to adapt to changes in routines
  • knowing when and how to ask for assistance
  • empathy and caring for others
  • developing problem solving skills
  • toileting independence
  • the importance of good nutrition and exercise.

 Please take a look at our image gallery below for examples of the abundance of learning occurring in daily in our Family Day Care program.

Our Educators

Our Educators are dedicated and passionate. We recruit carefully, and we only accept the best. Many have been with us for a long time and we know them well. They're warm and caring individuals who are devoted to their profession.

Our team is formally trained and passionate about the social, emotional and academic growth of children.

Our Educators are an integral part of the local childcare landscape, providing a high quality service to more than 200 local children.

Compliance & Safety

Our program has been operating for more than 40 years and is approved and accredited by the industry’s governing body, Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority. We operate under the same national regulations and educational frameworks as all forms of approved childcare.  

Safety and full industry compliance are non-negotiable at Council. We invest heavily to ensure every service is safe, fully compliant and operating to a high standard.

We employ a dedicated Safety and Compliance team to monitor all of Council’s childcare sites, including every Family Day Care location. Our team is on the road daily conducting many types of checks and visits - compliance visits, spot checks, mentoring and educational programming visits. This ensures our Educators are complying with National Law and Regulations.

Our Family Day Care Educators are approved by Council to operate their service. To reach this point, they undergo extensive checks, including an exhaustive list of safety checks prior to commencing.

Additional Benefits

Family Day Care delivers countless benefits to local families. Here are some of the additional benefits:

  • Highly stable environment (children enjoy a familiar and secure environment, promoting security and confidence - the ideal foundation for their growth and learning)
  • Robust school readiness programs
  • Additional needs (the Educator-to-child ratio enables Educators to support children with additional needs, such as speech and occupational therapy)
  • Vacation Care and Before & After School Care (some Educators also offer these additional services for primary school aged children).

Government Subsidies

Family Day Care is an approved early education and care service, with Council's program operating under the same national regulations and educational frameworks as other forms of approved childcare. The Child Care Subsidy applies to eligible families.

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Please call our team on 9710 0466. You may also like to read our story about a Week in Family Day Care



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Enquiries can be directed to Children's Services on 9710 0466 or childrensservices@ssc.nsw.gov.au

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