Fauna Place Kirrawee

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Location: Lot 30 Fauna Place Kirrawee

Hours of Operation: 7am-6.15pm Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year

Capacity: 44 children

Independent Rating: Exceeding National Quality Standard - about the ratings

Phone:Enquiries to Children's Services on 9710 0466 

Email: ChildrensServices@ssc.nsw.gov.au

Fees: Early education centre fees

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Fauna Place

Fauna Place is a smaller-scale centre tucked away in a beautiful bush setting in the middle of the busy and developing suburb of Kirrawee.

The smaller numbers of children (maximum 44) ensures we meet each child's individual needs. We warmly support parents with each child's specific requirements. With smaller numbers, each Educator knows all of the children well - their interests, strengths and needs. Families place great value on the quality relationships and interactions we foster with them and their children.

Our daily program is flexible and we implement an indoor/outdoor program. We are also family-grouped in the morning and in the afternoon, enabling siblings the opportunity to spend time together throughout the day.

Fauna Place families also enjoy the centre's strong community feel, forming strong connections and friendships with other families across the centre.

Here's a sample of some of the feedback families share with us:

"The Educators are amazing and have worked with us throughout the year to help my son go from being shy and scared to confident and outgoing! They are kind and caring and I look forward to sending my new baby there."

"The Educators are wonderful - always welcoming and engaged with the children."

"The Educators treat the children with care and don’t treat them as a business. I feel they genuinely care for each child and it’s not just ‘another job’ to them."

Fauna Place is led by a highly experienced Director with more than 17 years' experience in early education and care. For six months during 2018 she was also Children’s Services’ Acting Quality Practice Manager, overseeing many of our childcare services. She is well versed in learning theories and practice and is extremely passionate and knowledgeable on children’s learning curriculums. Such is her passion for quality care and education, she has visited world renowned early education services in Reggio Emilia Italy, known for their early childhood philosophies.

Talented Team

Our Educators are a diverse group who all bring something unique to the service. Their individual talents and specialties help to create a very engaging and dynamic learning curriculum. We place the highest priority on creating positive, supportive and respectful relationships with the children as we nurture them through their learning and development. 

Among our team is a sustainability devotee who shares her passion for environmental education and experiences with the children. We also have a member on Council's Children's Services Sustainability SEED Team, focusing on environmental programs that are implemented within our services.

We have an Educator that is a member of Council's Children's Services Curriculum Group which examines best practice curriculum planning for children in our services, which is then shared with our entire team of Educators. Our Early Childhood Teachers possess a thorough knowledge of child development and an understanding of how children learn. They have a passion for learning alongside children through their interests.

Above all, our Educators are warm, caring and compassionate. Our educators are regarded for their collaborative relationships with families and the secure attachments they build with the children.

At Fauna Place we value ongoing training for all of our Educators, to continuously develop their professional skills and capacity.

Family Communication & Partnerships

Families receive regular insights into their child's learning via a safe and secure communication app called Educa. Educa allows families to view and share learning stories, photos and videos, and collaborate with Educators about their child’s development, from the comfort of their phone.

We enjoy wonderful relationships with families and always encourage and welcome their input into our curriculum. We also have a Parent Committee and together we organise many events at our centre and outside the service. These events provide an opportunity for families and Educators to connect and build strong partnerships.

Location & Community

Fauna Place enjoys a private aspect in busy and thriving Kirrawee.

For parents who take the train to work, we are located near the Kirrawee train station and car park. The centre is located just off President Avenue.

Excursions are an important and valuable part of our program. We are very active in the community and expose the children to a range of different experiences which enable them to gain a sense of the world around them.

Large Outdoors

Our playground is spacious, safe, well-resourced and with lots of room for the children to build their physical skills and learn socialisation through play.  

The children enjoy the vast space complete with a large bike track, two sandpits, obstacle course, climbing and balancing equipment, cubby house and yoga play space. 

Our outdoors is large, and it’s what we do in this space which is important. We have a dedicated outdoor learning curriculum, where the same amount of intentional and spontaneous learning occurs as it does indoors. The outdoors is divided into learning environments (e.g. creative play, dramatic play, construction) where our Educators create games and facilitate play-based learning. We actively play and engage with the children during our many hours of outdoor fun and learning.

We play lots of group games and sports such as soccer, we engage in arts and we enjoy sensory experiences. The children and Educators also take care of our herb garden.

Spacious Indoors

Our indoor environment is open plan and provides a calm environment for the children.  It is large and bright, with many designated learning areas.

Across our two indoor rooms, our play-based program is modified to reflect individual children's needs and interests. Various learning spaces allow for art/craft, drawing, creative and dramatic play, puzzles and problem solving, literacy development, group time, story time, construction and many other experiences offered to the children each day. 

Educational program

All Council Early Education Centres deliver a curriculum which provides children with academic and life skills education. We promote the development of language and literacy, numeracy, social and emotional skills, physical development and cognitive growth.

Many parents want to see their child write their name and hear them count and our curriculum provides children with the platform to develop these types of skills, along with many others. 

Academic skills include literacy and numeracy concepts and learning experiences, for example: 

  • recognition of numbers, letters, shapes and colours (early numeracy and literacy skills)
  • vocabulary expansion
  • writing and drawing 
  • developing pencil grip and fine motor skills
  • experimenting and hypothesising (early science)

Life skills focus on the following aspects of social and emotional skills development, including:

  • emotional resilience (self-regulating emotions, expressing emotions appropriately)
  • self help skills (caring for belongings, tying shoelaces, putting on clothing such as socks and jumpers, encouraging independence)
  • conflict resolution skills
  • learning to share and take turns 
  • cooperating and collaborating with others
  • learning to adapt to changes in routines 
  • knowing when and how to ask for assistance 
  • empathy and caring for others 
  • developing problem solving skills 
  • toileting independence

Education, including academic and life skills, occurs from the moment a child walks through our doors. Infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers experience age appropriate learning on a daily basis, encompassing: 

  • language and literacy
  • mathematics and engineering
  • science and technology 
  • arts and crafts
  • sustainability education - learning about nature and the environment 
  • music and dance
  • physical activity promoting gross and fine motor skills
  • cultural experiences
  • sensory experiences 
  • free creative play
  • community excursions and engagement 

The children learn through play and our Educators plan intentional, play-based learning experiences and investigations that incorporate children’s learning goals. For example, setting up a pretend play ‘restaurant’, complete with menus, cook books, notepads and money extends the children’s social, literacy and numeracy skills. 

ELLA Language Program

Fauna Place has gained entry to the Early Language Learning Australia Program (ELLA) - a fun, digital, play-based language learning program for preschools to teach children a language other than English in their year before school. Fauna Place is introducing the centre's four and five year old children to Spanish, with the use of polyglot characters which help to learn words and phrases in Spanish. Children have the opportunity to learn numeracy and literacy concepts in Spanish and English.

ELLA is part of the Australian Government's commitment to supporting language study in Australia.

Transition to School

The children have daily opportunities to participate in our school readiness program. Children are provided with their own learning books to develop practical skills regarding preparation for school. For example, children learn to practice writing their name, recognise letters and learn number patterns and sequencing objects.  Children are also given the opportunity to participate in social and cultural events and learn about the world surrounding them during these activities.

The children also enjoy ‘lunch box days’ (to help little fingers master the skill of opening lunch boxes and containers) and school uniform dress up days. These role play and pretend play experiences include play areas with school uniforms, backpacks, lunchboxes, play food and writing materials for children to participate in.

We consult closely with parents on school readiness and transition to school. Every Council centre completes ‘Transition to School' statements for each child attending school the following year. These are shared with families and the child's school (with parent permission). 

Free Cloth Nappy Service

All Council centres provide an eco-friendly cloth nappy service to babies and toddlers, at no additional cost to parents who use our service.

The modern cloth nappies are reusable and professionally laundered. The fabric, fit and comfort of the modern cloth nappies are a far cry from the cloth nappies our parents would remember.

Council's cloth nappy service has saved more than 5,000 kilograms which is equivalent to 5.1 tonnes of landfill in six months alone.

Care Routines

Care routines are planned and adjusted in consultation with families to take in to account the unique needs of each child.

Educators respond to children's emotional and physical needs through building a two-way communication with each family. Families provide information on their children's rest, toilet training and eating needs, which Educators use to plan meal times and routines for each child.

Our highly trained staff respond to children's verbal and non-verbal signals throughout the day and provide comfort through developing strong bonds with each child.

Nutritious Meals 

All Council Early Education Centres employ trained cooks to prepare nutritious meals for the children each day. All meals are included within our fees. This includes:

  • breakfast cereals and milk
  • morning and afternoon teas which can be a mix of vegetable platters, homemade slices, fruit plates
  • lunch (hot meals such as pasta bakes, stir fry, vegetarian frittatas and homemade pies)
  • late afternoon tea and snack including sandwiches and fruit pieces to tide children over to dinner time

Our centres follow the NSW Health Nutritional Guidelines, providing a minimum of 50% of children's Recommended Dietary Intake each day.


“Thank you to the lovely staff at Fauna Place for an excellent Easter celebration. Our son came bounding up to me with his new rabbit ears, face painted dragging me around to the hot cross bun area - he loves daycare, but days like yesterday allow him to show it off to us as a family. Thank you for the patience and kindness you always show to our boys." Anna

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