Before and After School Care

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Location: 31A Wandella Road, Miranda (behind Miranda Library)

Servicing: Before & After School Care for children attending Miranda Public School

Opening hours: Mornings (7am-9am) & afternoons (3pm-6pm) during school terms. Vacation Care is available at MOOSH during school holidays.

Independent Rating: Meeting National Quality Standard - about the ratings

Enquiries:Children's Services ph 9710 0466


Fees: View Fees online

Apply Now:Online application form

Vacancies:Permanent and casual vacancies available - enquiries phone 9710 0466


MOOSH is a fun, safe and relaxed place to be. The children enjoy their mornings and afternoons with us, engaging in many activities while also spending time with school friends.    

The children enjoy new experiences and pursue their own interests. With a focus on educational and recreational activities, each child’s interests and capabilities are recognised, encouraged and respected by our team when planning programs.

Our programs include art, craft, group games, cooking, sports, dance, drama and more.  We offer a large selection of books which reflect the children’s literary interests.  

A wide range of sporting equipment is available, including bocce, croquet, rhythmic gymnastics, pop-up soccer goals and (for rainy afternoons) indoor ten pin bowling.  We are also fortunate to have access to the basketball court on the grounds of Miranda Public School. 

Each term we enjoy an interactive program of activities e.g. making lanterns, decorations and trying our hand at Chinese calligraphy as part of Chinese New Year. The children also love spending time outdoors, working on their ‘criss-cross’ skipping skills and engaging in pretend play as doctors and vets. Indoors, the children enjoy our extensive dress ups collection and dominoes, making very complex domino paths.

We also enjoy weekly visits to Miranda library, story-time sessions with the librarian and an onsite weekly sports program. 

If your child attends Miranda Public School and you are seeking before and/or after school care, you are welcome to apply for care or contact our team on ph 9710 0466 if you have any queries regarding our service.

Talented Team

Our small team provides a warm, personalised service and enjoys wonderful relationships with the children and families.  

Importantly, our MOOSH team is highly energetic and enjoys interacting with the children and facilitating the many activities available during the mornings and afternoons.

Council also employs a dedicated team of Compliance & Quality Specialists who oversee safety and quality at MOOSH.  Our specialists are experts in standards, regulations and legislation which govern the school age care industry. We do this to ensure we offer children the highest quality care facility.

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Below are current MOOSH fees. Please deduct any Child Care Subsidy (CCS) from these fees to determine your ‘gap’ fee payable. CCS is paid directly to us by the Australian Government.

  • Before school care (permanent): $20.50
  • Before school care (casual): $22.50
  • After school care (permanent): $25.00 
  • After school care (casual): $27.00
  • Annual non-refundable enrolment fee: $50 per child 

Current MOOSH fee schedule

Child Care Subsidy

MOOSH is an approved form of care. The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available to eligible families. Your out of pocket costs will be dependent upon any CCS your family may receive. Please visit the Australia Government's Services Australia website to determine your Child Care Subsidy eligibility and how much financial assistance your family would receive.

Nutritious Meals

Nutritional food is included in fees and provided at both morning and afternoon sessions. The weekly menu is displayed in the Family Information Area. Dietary requirements are also catered for. Please discuss this with us at the time of enrolment. Our menu changes according to the season.

Parent Communication

We communicate with families via a communication platform called Educa.

It enables our Educators and families to connect regarding the children's time at MOOSH. The safe and secure web-based system allows us to share information such as program highlights, group observations and general news such as a new seasonal menu. Families enjoy receiving our communication from the comfort of their phone.

We develop close partnerships with families in our service. We value the importance of family and encourage their involvement in our program.

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Successful childcare is about finding the right environment for each child's needs. Children thrive when they are in an environment which best suits their needs, strengths and challenges. Inclusive childcare is about valuing each child’s experience and ensuring all children actively participate in the service’s program.

Inclusion is at the heart of our philosophy and practices. We liaise closely with every family to learn as much as possible about their child. This information is critical, enabling us to work with families to find the ideal childcare environment.

Here are some important components of our guidelines which outlines our inclusive approach. We share it here to give families an understanding of the holistic perspective we adopt when placing children into care within our OOSH services.

  • Children’s Services works towards supporting an enrolment based on the child’s needs, availability of positions, facilities, resources and a suitable environment for the child. Our aim is to collaborate with families to provide a positive transition into care and ongoing participation in the program.
  • Our early childhood specialists within the Children's Services management team will assist the OOSH service to ensure there is suitable resourcing available, and ensure training and awareness of children’s individual needs is built in to the process of staff induction and ongoing professional development. We work with our Educators to support practices that maintain the safety and wellbeing of all children in the care environment.
  • Once enrolled, each service works individually with each family to develop an individual support plan for the child that provides strategies to strengthen the child's developmental and learning journey.
  • Wherever possible, assistance and guidance will be sought from inclusion support agencies relevant to the child’s placement. If applicable, Inclusion Development Fund (IDF) will be applied for to assist with any barriers to inclusion. This may include funding for the provision of an additional Educator to build Educator capacity and capability to include children with additional needs. The funding is not available to provide 1:1 support for the child.
  • While every effort is made to provide placement to children with additional and complex needs, Children’s Services will take into account, and make decisions, based on the overall needs of all of the children attending the service.
  • This includes considering factors such as the capacity to adequately staff a service to cater to children’s needs, the ongoing needs of children already enrolled in the service, level of staff training and experience, access to suitable support services and other factors as they arise. Decisions regarding placement take into account the safety, wellbeing and interests of all children using the service, the availability to adequately supervise the environment and the capacity for the service to access suitable resourcing.
  • We acknowledge that at times, we may be unable to accept an enrolment as the service is unable to access the essential resourcing required to meet the unique requirements of the child's specific additional needs in a safe manner.
  • Enrolment requests are considered in light of the capacity and capability of the respective service to safely and successfully meet the individual needs of the child prior to accepting an enrolment.

Your Role

At the outset of applying for care, it is critical that families provide us with accurate information to support the inclusion of their child to the service. This includes additional needs and abilities, any challenging behaviours and medical needs (as requested in the enrolment form and agreement). 

The effective enrolment of children into our services relies on families providing clear and factual information about their child. A child’s enrolment or ongoing placement may be at risk where a family does not provide us with information relevant to the inclusion of their child in the service.

Families/guardians will provide:

  • Accurate information regarding their child to our Educators and Children's Services management and customer service team.
  • Updated medical or additional needs records to the service.
  • Open collaboration and communication with Educators at the service to ensure individual needs are met and the service has the knowledge and capacity to include the child in the program.

Families/guardians will be provided with:

  • Efficient, accurate and timely/current information about the whole child and family.
  • Relevant information from health professionals and other support agencies.
  • Time to meet with the service prior to the child commencing care.
  • Equal opportunities to be involved in decision making concerning their child’s program and its implementation and whenever possible the service of an interpreter.
  • Opportunities to share their own culture, knowledge and skills to help children appreciate and welcome similarities and differences.
  • Opportunities to express their expectations of the inclusive program through open and ongoing lines of communication.

More Information

You are welcome to call our Children's Services team on phone 9710 0466 should you have any queries regarding inclusion within our OOSH services. 


Apply for Care

Please complete our online form to apply for a MOOSH position. There is no application fee to apply.

If or when a position becomes available, we will contact you. Positions for the following calendar year are typically offered from October.

Please refer to our MOOSH Terms & Conditions for contractual information regarding MOOSH positions.

Apply for care

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