Application for Childcare

Please use our Application for Childcare to apply for childcare with us.  You can apply for either Early Education Centres or Family Day Care or both.

Do not apply for childcare with us until after the birth of your child.  We cannot accept applications for an unborn child.

Before applying

Read our frequently asked questions and Terms and Conditions before you apply.  These have been prepared to give you an understanding of how the childcare application process works at council.  Importantly they also contain information about Australian Government requirements for priority placements of children which we must adhere to.  Before applying it is better if you know what priority level your child and your family fall into.  

Find out more about our Early Education Centres 

View our Family Day Care Educator profiles 

Application fee

A $20 administration fee applies (per child) for your application, irrespective of the number of Family Day Care zones and/or Early Education Centres selected.

Once we have processed your application and you have received our confirmation email, you also have the option of phoning us (9710 0466) and adding more Family Day Care zones and/or Early Education Centres to your preferences.

Please note the one-off $20 fee is non-refundable. Your application will be processed upon receipt of payment. Payment options are outlined on our application page.

Please contact our team on 9710 0466 should you have any queries regarding your application.

Apply for childcare

Making changes to existing applications

Please contact our Children's Services team by email at and we will make your relevant changes to our database.  This includes if you need to:

  • update your contact details
  • change your care preferences
  • alter the date your care is required
  • alter the days you require care for 

Our team is available on phone 9710 0466 if you have any queries regarding changes to an existing application. 


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More information

Policies and documents

Application for Childcare


Childcare application Change my booking (existing customers only)


Enquiries can be directed to Children's Services on 9710 0466 or


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