Tips - applying for care at Council

Apply for childcare with council

As soon as your child is born, it’s never too early to apply for care.  Our database is by date of application, within the framework of the Federal Government's Priority of Access Guidelines.

The sooner parents/carers submit their application, the better. We hope the following insights help you with your application.

  • We recommend nominating an earlier preferred care start date than you actually require. This might result in you being offered a position, for example, one or two months before you return to work. Some parents who nominate an earlier start date use this as an opportunity to gradually settle their child into care (i.e. shorter days to begin with) and create their new family routine.  Parents often tell us their return to work is much smoother in the knowledge their child is already familiar with their new care environment.  If you have already applied for care with us and would like to change your preferred start date, please call us on 9710 0466. 
  • On our application form you have the option of nominating a preference for either Family Day Care, Early Education Centres or both. Nominating Family Day Care as your first preference will place you on a shorter list.  You can call us to have your care preference changed over the phone any time.
  • When considering geographic locations for a service, think about the way in which you travel to work. If you take the train, is there a different station you could depart from which would position you near one of our other services?  Is there an alternative driving route which would take you past some of our other services?
  • If you’re returning to work part-time, and have flexibility with your work days, ask our Customer Service team about days of week where demand is lower.
  • If you have the flexibility to travel to many/any areas of the Shire for childcare, contact our Customer Service team to enquire about areas where demand is lower.
  • Some people choose to place their child in care near where they work. If work is some distance from home, consider whether your child would still attend care if you were home ill, or if you have multiple children whether one would attend care if his/her sibling was ill. Would somewhere near home or work best suit your family?
  • The largest intake of children into care is at the start of a calendar year. The reason is because some children leave to start school, creating a ‘domino’ effect where children move between age-based rooms and vacancies across all ages are created along the way.  Having said that, vacancies do arise throughout the year.
  • If your details change, please let us know. This includes changes in email address, phone numbers, days of the week requested and location preferences. We can best serve you when your customer profile is current.
  • If for any reason you decline a position with us, you remain on our database as you were. 




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