2017 Educational Program

Is your child in a quality childcare service with a robust educational program?

Knowing the answer to this is vital.  Children who experience 'quality' childcare during their formative years have better transition to school, education and employment outcomes.

Unfortunately, not all childcare services offer quality curriculums and programs and there are many that don’t even meet the industry’s National Quality Standards.

Every one of Council’s 11 Early Education Centres operates at or above the minimum standard, with over 80% exceeding the industry’s National Quality Standards.

Every aspect of our centres is focussed on providing children with the best start during their early years. We educate, empower and enrich the lives of all children and families within our services.

Our academic curriculum covers language and literacy, mathematics and engineering, science and technology and arts. Importantly, our Educators also have a strong focus on building children's self confidence and teaching them life skills such as resilience to thrive in today's society.

As the largest childcare provider in the Sutherland Shire, Council has a dedicated compliance team which monitors all aspects of quality at leading to greater educational and social outcomes for children.

The quality offered by Council's services is evidenced by:

  • The high quality ratings awarded to us following independent assessments by the childcare industry's governing body
  • The high satisfaction levels of families who use our services
  • Our retention of quality Educators who are committed to ongoing professional learning
  • Council's status as a leader within the childcare industry
  • Our value of diversity, including support for vulnerable families and children with disabilities & additional needs.

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To speak with our Customer Service team regarding enrolling your child in our 2017 program, please call 9710 0466. 


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Enquiries can be directed to Children's Services on 9710 0466 or childrensservices@ssc.nsw.gov.au

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