Street Stalls (Community Groups and Charities)

Who can apply?

  • Non-profit community groups and charitable organisations can hold a stall on council footpaths and locations.
  • Activities need to be non-commercial in nature and can include schools, religious organisations, political groups, as well as fundraising activities such as sausage sizzles or cake stalls.  
  • If selling food, NSW Food Authority Guidelines must be adhered to.  There is a section in the guidelines for charities and community groups as some exemptions apply.  If you need advice about a temporary food stall, you can call council and ask to speak to a Health Officer.


  • 28 days notice for all booking requests is required.
  • A $22 booking fee applies payable prior to the stall date.

If applying for a stall in Cronulla, different rules apply.


  • The stall operator must maintain a minimum of $10 million public liability insurance or any other amount as council may stipulate for use of the area booked.
  • Only dates covered by your current certificate of currency will be approved.

Required certificates

Bookings cannot be approved until the following documents/information has been received:

  • Current certificate of currency for public liability or policy valid for the date of the stall/s.
  • Certificate of Incorporation or letter of authority if fundraising for a charity.
  • Signed Business Proprietor Approval form granting approval for the street stall to be set up outside their premises. (This form is the last page of the PDF application form.
  • Sketch/plan of the street stall and proposed location.

Apply to hold a street stall

NSW Food Authority - Guidelines for Food Businesses at Temporary Events (includes information on charities and community groups and what exemptions apply).


Address: ,

More information


Street Stall Applications (Community Groups and Charities)


Enquiries can be directed to Stallholder Booking Officer on 9710 0231 or

Hold a street stall

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