Skin Penetration Salons

All skin penetration businesses (excluding registered acupuncturists) must be registered with us prior to commencing operation.  Businesses will be added to our inspection program.

Skin penetration salon registration

Who needs to register?

Any skin penetration business that carries out the following procedures:

  • Tattooing.
  • Body piercing (including ear piercing).
  • Beauty therapy (for example, waxing, cutting of cuticles and skin wicks, removal of dead skin and black head extraction).
  • Acupuncture (excluding those registered as a Health Practitioner).
  • Manicure (including acrylic and gel nails).
  • Pedicure.
  • Any other activity which includes skin penetration.


Premises are checked for compliance with public health legislation and associated codes and guidelines that deal with issues such as cleanliness, defective construction, sterilisation of equipment and personal hygiene of staff.

Premises where acupuncture is carried out by a registered health practitioner are not inspected and do not need to register.


Inspection and re-inspection fee of $145 (2020/21 fee - reviewed annually) applies.

Operating from home

Operating a skin penetration business from home is permissible without planning approval if the premises comply with the requirements for home occupations.

Before commencing any works it is recommended you contact council’s customer service centre and discuss your proposal with a duty planner to ensure compliance.

Setting up your business

The design of all new beauty salons or premises undertaking skin penetration procedures, whether from home or a commercial premises must comply with the requirements of the Local Government (General) Regulation and the Public Health Regulation.

For further information regarding the fit-out of a beauty salon your enquiries can be directed to an environmental health officer.

Fact Sheet

For further information regarding the skin penetration industry and fact sheets refer to the attached link from NSW Health 


Address: ,

More information


Enquiries can be directed to Council's Environmental Health Officer on or

Skin penetration salon registration

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